Another vote for the True Blue. Save the dough and put the difference into some other tools in the shop. I’ve used mine for a year and it is indestructible.. Looks beautiful too!!

It costs more to get a Mitchell refurbished when you “work it” out of adjustment than a new MR3 True Blue- which is built better than the Mitchell in the first place… MR3 will be my money from now on.

Which Mitchell model should I get? Get the Mitchell that says MR3 on it!

The True Blue is twice the machine at half the money!

I’ve got the True Blue and it’s AWESOME! Intuitive design. Accurate. Built solid. Does putters, irons and woods.

I second the MR3 True Blue. Awesome. It can bend irons, woods, putters, hybrids and fairway woods. You’ll have to buy the competitor’s top of the line gauge and putter accessories for that kind of versatility.

I have the True Blue as well and just as others say, it can do almost anything you want.

Yep, that’s right and this thing is a beaut! I am really impressed with it.

Plus, I love talking with Roy. He sure knows his product, and it’s so well built. I often forget that things will fall when you pull the club selection pin.
But I can’t get over how easy it is to get your club aligned properly, or how simple it is to get a measurement.

I’m looking at getting one of these. How accurate are the measurements for loft and lie??? I’ve been told that with many, esp. less expensive ones you really need a seperate loft/lie gauge to ensure accuracy.… Brain-dead accuracy; I double checked it with my accumade ruler, and I’m bang on. +/- 0.25?

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