World Wide Leader in the Manufacturing of Quality Golf Gauges

MR3 Golf Designs® is an industry leader having provided thousands of repair technicians, club fitters, golf pros, as well as big corporations since February 1996 all over the world including all 50 states in the U.S. We are also proud to currently be on the PGA Nationwide Tour Van and the originator of the ‘slide mechanism’.

Over the years we have studied the designs, quality and construction of other loft and lie gauges and we realized the need for the consumer a more affordable price!

MR3 Golf Designs provides the single most effective tool to ensure loft and lie consistency in every club using the latest technology in Mastercam design software and programming. Golfers will see the difference in every stroke. Take a look and see what gauge fits your needs!

Take a look at our gauges and compare the quality and price!

MR3 Golf Designs is introducing three gauges:

•  True Blue Loft & Lie Gauge
•  4 Degree Putter Gauge
•  Accessories

“Twice the machine at half the price!”

Gauge of the PGA Nationwide Tour

Precisely Designed

CNC Milled

Made and hand assembled in Texas

Top industry club makers, pro shops, and hobbyist around the world use MR3 Golf Gauges for custom fit, you should too!

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